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An Online Class for Juveniles Cited for Violation of a Transit Ordinance


The Transit Class is an on-line course designed to help educate people cited for violation of a transit system's ordinance.  Hopefully, people who complete the class will learn about the transit system of transportation while also helping them to avoid the legal system by offering an alternative – a “diversion” from the legal system. Completion of the class is NOT an admission of guilt.


This class is being provided through Outcome Alternatives™ and is not affiliated with your community transit system or your county government.  An agreement between your local transit system, County, and Outcome Alternatives™ makes this program available as an educational option for you.


You can learn more by clicking the right arrow located on the top right of the screen or if you would like to just get started, you can click the "Register Now" button.



Who: Juveniles under 18 years old with a transit violation.


Cost?  $23


How long?  About 30 min.


Why?  Avoid $175 court fine


  a) Register
  b) Pick Transit Class
  c) Pay (Pay Pal or Card)
  d) Take class.